Automatically adjusting risk over time

Our target date funds are designed as a “single-investment” solution to help participants save for their retirement. Because participants choose a fund based on the year they expect to retire, the fund automatically adjusts for risk and becomes more conservative over time.

Learn why open architecture is important

Some firms limit you to choosing from their in-house investment options. We bring together an array of strategies managed by top investment managers to give you greater choice based on your plan’s needs.

Select a career stage

Learn more about considerations we make at each stage of your employees’ careers – from capitalizing on compound interest to strategically adjusting exposure to risk.

Early Career

With retirement a long way off, your employees are just starting out in their savings journey. For this stage, the GlidePath Funds focus on growth assets because your employees have a long time horizon. The earlier they start investing, the more they’ll save.

Did you know?
The power of compound interest helps retirement savings grow faster. How it works: When you invest, your money earns interest. The next year, you earn interest on your original investment and the interest from the first year. In the third year, you earn interest on your original investment and the interest from the first two years. And so on.
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Mid Career

During this stage, many employees are at their peak earnings level and have more meaningful assets. While they're not near retirement, they're getting closer and are likely contributing the maximum allowable amount to their retirement plan. Our GlidePath Funds for this stage start to reduce the risk in their portfolio while still bolstering the growth they need.

Did you know?
Employees in their mid-career are often eligible to increase the amount of pre-tax salary that goes into your retirement plans. Encouraging them to do this increases their chances for a healthy retirement and potentially offers your plan more economies of scale.
Portfolio Allocation

Nearing Retirement

As your employees near retirement, they become more focused on their portfolio balance. Our GlidePath Funds help them lower portfolio risk by shifting slowly into more income-generating asset classes, while still being mindful of the growth they will need in retirement.

Did you know?
While it’s important to lower market risk for employees nearing retirement, it's also important to retain some exposure to riskier asset classes for long-term growth. Time horizon goals for retirement assets can still be decades into the future.
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Our GlidePath Funds are designed to take employees from the beginning of their careers (when they first start saving) all the way through their retirement years.

Did you know?
Some plans force retirees to withdraw their assets in one lump sum. However, it’s becoming more common for plans to allow retired employees to make partial withdrawals throughout their retirement. This allows them to benefit from your plan’s low cost structure and helps to boost your plan’s assets.
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